Plant-based Healing

Our mission is to provide holistic medicine in a conscientious way. That’s why our cannabis medicinals are 100% free of pesticides, and grown with a small footprint. 

As master growers with more than 10 years of farming experience, we pour our hearts and souls into producing the finest cannabis.

Growing cannabis with the most potent healing properties takes the right amount of preparation and care. First, we develop the best seeds and plant clones. Then, we feed the soil with a healthy blend of compost teas and guanos, ensuring that the plants evolve from vibrant seedlings into robust trees.



Mineral-rich, nutrient-dense soils nourish a vibrant plant root web.


Our valley’s aquifer is one of the purest and deepest in the country.


Mendocino County’s air quality ranks among the highest in the nation.


Our area’s microclimate sets the perfect conditions for drying and curing.


Earths Best Medicine