Caring & Meticulous

Patient choice is important. So we provide a wide variety of top-shelf strains, in addition to producing our own signature line of cannabis.  Our catalog includes concentrates and hashish (free of volatile solvents). 

Dispensaries rave about our potent medicine. “This is the best greenhouse cannabis we’ve seen year after year,” we hear time and again. Our medicine makes patients happy too: it’s as close to organic as possible, clean, and produced with care.

Quality & Consistency


Clean Cultivation

Every one of our batches is free of pesticides, chemicals and fungicides.


Our perpetual harvests mean you can order throughout the year.


You won’t find a stickier, more fragrant flower.



Our flowers are hand-trimmed, guaranteeing first-class quality.

Unique Strains

We offer the most sought-after varieties, including our own signature cannabis strains.


We’re a family owned farm run by a small team of friendly folks.



Ready to place an order? Questions? We’re happy to help. Just get in touch.